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Zenmuse X5

Recently my drone was accidentally fallen down and there was damaged to Zenmuse X5 gimbal is their any solution to fix it.

Dji spark

Want to know the prize

Dji spark



Video streaming to mobile is not happening

Phantom-4 Pro

Body cracked

dji phanthom 3 standard drone

want to fix a new remote to my drone

mavic pro

mavic pro gimbal overload error

Dji phantom 2

Motor repair required

Dji phantom 2

Need to replace wings motor

Inspire1 x3

Inspire 1 crashed the vibration pad is broken and wire to gimbal is not connecting

DJI Inspire 1 ver 2

Zenmuse X3

DJI Mavic Pro

Sensor problem

Pantom 4

motor heeting and drop my drone plz send motor cost and survice

Phantom 4

Camera sensor error

DJI inspire pro 1

Drone crashed with vibration pad broken and wire to camera broken

DJI spark

DJI spark price?

Phantom 3 professional

Glimbel and camera shaking and little bit sound vibration

Dji osmo

Need a dji osmo suit case cost

Dji osmo

Battery charging goes down fastly

Phantom 4

Excellent Service by the outlet. Slow but perfect


Battery charging goes down fastly,not only mine,i have manny people in my circle,same problem for all of them.


Need to know battery extender cost and phantom battery and charger price so that i can buy

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

Signal lost on RC and Motor obstructed warning